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List: My Favorite Firefox Add-ons

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Firefox has lots of add-ons that make web browsing more pleasurable. There are many I have not explored, but these are my current favorites:

Tree Style Tab
Lets me have the tabs down the left side in a collapsable tree view. Saves screen real estate and makes more tabs readily accessible.
I find myself trying to use the same mouse gestures in other tools. I wish I could get this as a desktop add-on.
Hides ads: rose-colored glasses for web browsing!
Old habits die hard: muscle memory lasting longer than other types.
Nice if you are trying to grab several large files at once.
Great for figuring out why web pages don’t work.
Adds some capability to the address field.
Searchbar Autosizer
Makes the search field big when you use it.
Keeps bookmarks synced between machines. I appreciate it when I move into a new computer.
Integrates the KeePass password manager with Firefox. Now I feel at least a little bit more secure.
Makes me feel like I’m not being tracked quite so much, but it breaks some Google things, so I have to turn off the Google blocking for Google Maps or logging in to a Google account.
Currently disabled. Hasn’t kept up with the Firefox release cycle.

You can get add-ons for Firefox by typing about:addons in your Firefox browser’s address field.

Does Apple have trouble admitting it was wrong?

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Apple’s product designs are often revolutionary.  But not infallible.  And they often seem to be in denial.  The recent iPhone 4 antenna performance thing is a good example.

Another is the Magic Mouse.  I’ve often thought Apple has done a great disservice to the general public by dumbing down computer interaction.  Apple early on decided that any more than one mouse button was too confusing for computer users.  Now the Magic Mouse lets people right click or simulate a middle-mouse scroll wheel using its multi-touch surface (which is very cool).  It looks to me like they are conceding that multiple mouse buttons actually are useful, while trying to deny it by appearance.  Usability issues aside, Apple remains tops in product design.