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Convert CSV to Shapefile in ArcView 9.3

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

This is so I don’t forget, since I’m an infrequent ArcView user.  I had a CSV file (text file with comma-separated values) that I wanted to convert to a point Shapefile.

Before I tried ArcView (because it is complicated) I tried a free tool called CSV to Shapefile Converter 2.0.  See below for more on that.

The ArcGIS docs tell you it can be done, but then describe how to import a text file with just 2 columns of data for X and Y point values.  You could do some shenanigans with OIDs and creating a separate table with the attribute fields, then joining them somehow.

Turns out there is an easy way to load the coordinates and the attributes all in one shot.  (I’m using ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1.)

My input data looks like this:

x, y, z, name, tmapname, tmapsize, rlevel
40.778975, -111.899080, 1296.846000, slca_0434, R0_region_019, 2948400, 0
40.778956, -111.898698, 1297.241000, slca_0435, R0_region_019, 2948400, 0
40.778969, -111.898482, 1297.195000, slca_0436, R0_region_019, 2948400, 0
40.778753, -111.898620, 1297.972000, slca_0437, R0_region_019, 2948400, 0
40.777677, -111.898004, 1300.5800 ...

In ArcCatalog, navigate to your file, right mouse on it and select Create Feature Class -> From XY Table…