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APOD Wallpaper: Fascinating!

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

If Mr. Spock had a big flat panel screen instead of being forced to look into a slot in a cereal box, he would have used APOD Wallpaper for his desktop background.  The Astronomy Picture of the Day website features a daily different collection of photons collected from the far reaches of the universe.  The awe-inspiring images from the depths of space are occasionally interspersed with space-related pictures of objects closer to home.  And each one comes with an explanation that adds to the wonderment.

You could visit the APOD website each day.  Or better,  Windows users can run the APOD Wallpaper app and receive a different breathtaking image on your desktop background each morning.  The app puts a little icon of the planet Jupiter in your Systray.  Right mousing on Jupiter pops up a menu that will bring up the APOD Wallpaper settings, show you the astronomer’s explanation of the day’s image, or take you to the APOD website.

The app is easy to install.  It comes in a Zip file.  Just unzip it into a convenient location (such as c:\Program Files\APOD), and run it.  In the Settings you can tell it to automatically run when Windows starts.  There are a couple of other Windows apps that do nearly the same thing.  Linux and Mac users have several choices, too.

Cosmological Wonderment

Friday, April 16th, 2010

It makes me sad that in this life I won’t get to know how the Universe works. I won’t know what was there before the Big Bang. I won’t know how the Universe ends. Does everything get sucked into a monstrous black hole, and is that the end of it? Maybe a new Universe emerges on the other side of the singularity, exists, and then too collapses. If existence of the Universe, or some universe, oscillates, is it similar each time, or drastically different? Does it solidify another time with different physical laws? Does life emerge? How frequent is life? Where did all the 3-dimensional space come from? Why is there anything at all?

Maybe the afterlife will be like flipping over the Trivial Pursuit card of Life, and there on the back will be all the answers. I can only hope.