RJ45 Network Cable Connector Wire Order

I’ve spent so much time reciting this sequence to myself while putting connectors onto network cables that I will probably never forget it.

But just in case: the order of the color-coded conductors (from left to right when inserted up into the RJ45 connector with the contacts facing you) is:

  • Orange Stripe
  • Orange
  • Green Stripe
  • Blue
  • Blue Stripe
  • Green
  • Brown Stripe
  • Brown

…and crimp!

 Tips:  Remember to push the wires all the way up into the connector so the wires go under the contacts.  Then, push the cable’s outer insulation up into the connector, too, so that the connector’s plastic wedge will grab and hold the insulation when crimped.

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2 Responses to “RJ45 Network Cable Connector Wire Order”

  1. harley Says:

    some rj45 types have open ends so the wire sticks through. i had both kinds, but not knowing, i didn’t cut the ends on the open j45s. at first, i thought, hey i got some bad j45s, as these would not seat in the jack…

  2. ellery Says:

    I’ve never seen those, but it seems like a bad idea. Wouldn’t there be a risk of shorting the open ends of the wires together? Do they make a special crimper for those that cuts the ends, too?

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