McDonald’s 2011 Monopoly Rare Game Pieces

The official game rules are here.

I’m listing the hard-to-get pieces here, so I can check easily with my greasy fry hands.

Disclaimer:  This is based on my personal interpretation of the rules.  It could be wrong.  I cannot be held responsible for any bad decisions you make based on this information.

  • Mediterranean
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Short Line Railroad
  • Ventnor
  • Pennsylvania
  • Boardwalk

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38 Responses to “McDonald’s 2011 Monopoly Rare Game Pieces”

  1. tasha Says:

    will trade marvin gardens and atlantic ave for pennsylvania. or pacific ave or north carolina ave for ventnor ave1. i also have park place 🙂 email me @

  2. chelsey Says:

    needs ventor ave, will trade b&o railroad, pacific ave, and park place for it email me at

  3. Marissa Says:

    Does anyone have Boardwalk ? i’m willing to trade any of them for it . email me @

  4. yourestupid Says:

    You’re stupid. They make one of each of those rare pieces, and 100 million of each other piece. In reality, all you need is a rare piece, and then go spend twenty bucks at micky ds to get the other ones you need. Try selling your common pieces on ebay, maybe you’ll find someone as gullable as you to buy it.

  5. ellery Says:

    So if the odds of getting Boardwalk are 1 in 618,106,200, what are the odds of it ending up in someone’s possession (instead of in the trash), then having that person see one of these requests for valuable pieces, then going along with it? Seems pretty astronomical. It’s amazing that people think it’s worth a try, and its sad how much bandwidth gets wasted in the attempt. I left a couple of these fishing requests, but deleted most of them, as they are very similar.

  6. laura Says:

    i already have reading railroad b and q railroad and pensylvania railroad and i entered them all online for that chance to win by flinging the card but if i get the other railroad can i still use my peices in the store to win?

  7. Golfguy Says:

    @ yourestupid and ellery, when I lived in California 3 years ago I distinctly remember having 2 boardwalks and never saw a park place. And, I’m glad that you are so well off that you wouldn’t even give it a shot for $50,000 or $100,000 or even $1,000,000. I mean, it’s like someone complaining that the odds of winning lottery are too low, so they don’t play… guess what, if you don’t play the odds are 0:1. That being said, I have a lot of misc pieces, could use any of the pieces listed above.

  8. @Golfguy Says:

    “I have a lot of misc pieces, could use any of the pieces listed above”

    Of course you could. That’s the point of this thread. Those are the hardest to find. If you find the imbecile that trades you a ‘rare’ piece for even 1000 common pieces, send them my way – I’ve got a flaming bag of horsesh1t to sell them too….

  9. Brooklyn Girl Says:

    does ANYONE have ANY of the rare pieces?? Will trade any pieces for ONE rare piece. even willing to negotiate a proposition 😉 email me! thanks 🙂 will even buy it at a good price !!!

  10. andrew Says:

    @golfguy if you actually had 2me boardwalks you should shoot yourself for not collecting the 2million dollars you would have won.

  11. Troy Says:

    I need 1 of every color. boardwalk, Pennsylvania, Kentucky. I will give you want you need for game pieces. Email me @

  12. Mike Says:

    I have boardwalk will split the prize for Pennsylvania
    I figure I’ll get park place soon. But I’ll take the car and split the 1mil

    That’s probably only 250k a piece after taxes.

  13. Lisa Says:

    i have park place in pa!!!!

  14. Karen Says:

    I can resist McD all year but they always lure me back with this game. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t right before the holidays when I need to drop a couple pounds!
    Can you tell me which sandwiches, drinks, and sides come with game pieces?

  15. ellery Says:

    I’ve just gotten one of the value meals, and I get two game pieces attached to the drink cup. I’m not sure how else they come.

  16. Kirk Says:

    Is there any Orange County Real Estate because that would be way better than boardwalk!

  17. jon Says:

    i had pennsylvania and threw it out the window without knowing it was the hard piece to get. oh well ill just keep driving my good old jimmy and my luck will come again

  18. AKA Says:

    @MIke, If you really have Boardwalk, I have Park Place…that’s $500,000 a piece. Are u interested????

  19. drew Says:

    lookin for 332 will pay good money for it. hit me up

  20. Shocked Says:

    This is hilarious. You really think ‘Mike’ has Boardwalk and would post it here? To split with someone? Why? $20 at McD’s and he’ll get what he needs for $1Mill. So so so funny.

  21. Stevie Says:

    I have ….
    New york and St james,
    Atlantic ave and Marvin gardens,
    oriental avenue and Connecticut ave
    Illinois ave and Indiana ave
    st Charles place and states ave
    Pennsylvania railroad and reading railroad
    pacific ave
    Baltic ave
    park place

    and medium fries… to claim today.

    let me know if you have the others to win. 50/50. Thanks.


    there are only 3 board walks printed.

    for the lowest one which is 50$ u have a 1 out of 96,000 chance

  23. Alan Says:

    I have Pennsylvania…

  24. aj Says:

    Willing to trade Indiana, and Illinois for ventnor and Pennsylvanian have other pieces.

  25. aj Says:

    These are the pieces needed Baltic, Connecticut, Vermont, Tennessee Kentucky Ventnor Pennsylvania Short line B. & O. Hit me up lets make a deal

  26. Mk Says:

    Lose faith in humanity when I read this thread.

  27. ellery Says:

    It is a curious behavior.

  28. Eliot Says:

    Willing to trade my lunch puddin for a few of those fries…

  29. Byron Says:

    I have all pieces except the ones listed above let me know if anyone wants any of them

  30. StaleChips Says:

    Lol bet the rare pieces are found in the backwoods of the bayou some damn where. I’ll trade a McFlurry for a smoothie.

  31. drew Says:

    “Lose faith in humanity when I read this thread.”


  32. GodDamn Says:

    Reading these posts made me realize how many idiotic people eat at McDonald’s. Thank you for whoever posted up the rare pieces. The 2 people who have an IQ above 75 and actually understood what you were talking about appreciate it. Btw I have 20$ and a thousand other games pieces to the first person who trades me boardwalk. Hit me up and we can talk about quantum physics also

  33. liz Says:

    You know to all the miserable shi- talkers why are you even here if it bugs you so much? Go get laid. You might feel better. And to all the players: I just read that no trading is allowed. Wtf? So if you win and they isee trading online then zilch…sorry

  34. kailove88 Says:

    i have park place…i will split the winnings with you 50/50 if u have boardwalk….im on here to joke around or make fun of anyone…just really need money…if ur interested email me at kailataylor@gmailcom

  35. dave Says:

    I have park place

  36. shelia Says:

    whoever has those rare pieces, time is almost up. a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothin. i also have park place. i also have illinois and indiana ave.

  37. sonny Says:

    i have “park place”. Lets meet at public place and sign contract to split winnings 50/50. I have( north carolina, pacific avenue/ have marvin gardens, atlantic avenue/ Indiana avenue, Illinois avenue/ reading railroad, pennsylvania railroad, b&o railroad/ new york avenue, St. james place)Contact my email at type ‘monopoly in the subject line so I know what it is about. I am not greedy, I will even take 40%, it is better than nothing. Will meet at public placeand we both will write up a simple contract agreeing to the partnership. Every year they give me the same pieces and I am tired of it. Lets beat them by joining up, They think we are greedy and vain, lets do this. I need this for my family and myself and I am sure you do too.

  38. ellery Says:

    It was interesting (as in slow-motion train wreck). But it only seems to be escalating in intensity as the contest draws closer to the finish. So I am closing comments on this thread before it gets too depressing.