Thunderbird Message Reading Order

I finally went looking for one of my pet peeves with the Thunderbird email tool, and the Internet did not disappoint.

I like seeing my message list with the newest items at the top of the list, yet I normally read them oldest to newest.  When I finish reading a message and delete it, Thunderbird’s default behavior is to select and display the message below the previous selection in the list.  My newest-at-the-top sort order causes the next older message to be displayed, which is probably the one I looked at just prior to the one I deleted.  I want it to select the next newer message.

Turns out there is an option for this in Thunderbird’s config options.

Go to Tools->Options…, Advanced tab, Config Editor….
Change the option mail.delete_matches_sort_order to true.

Now if only someone would add the Reply/Reply All toggle that I’ve been pining for….

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  1. ellery Says:

    Yay! I was wishing for a Reply/Reply All toggle, and look! The Thunderbird Conversations add-on has it on its quick reply pane. Sometimes the quick reply pane is too basic, like when I need to add a bullet list or format some text, but often it’s good enough. Now we just need a Repy/Reply All toggle on the main mail composition window.

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