Win 7 Explorer Folder Display Bug

I am eagerly awaiting a fix for the Windows 7 bug that causes the Windows Explorer tree view to jump after you expand a node in the tree. Very irritating. The bug has been there since the first release of Win 7.

I had hoped the fix would be in SP1, but no. Let’s annoy Microsoft right back by voting to get this bug fixed.



I am cautiously optimistic that the workaround from Michael Noxfeld on 1-18-2012 may actually have fixed this problem!  It could just reappear on the next reboot, but I can always hope…

Click on the link to go to the bug page, then click on the Workarounds tab and scroll down a ways to find it.


Nope. That improved one aspect of the subtree display behavior but not the delayed jump back to a previous location. Still searching for a full solution.

Update 2:

I now believe the delayed jump was caused by the Network section of the tree view being refreshed. It takes a few seconds for all the machines on our network to be polled and added to the list. If I can launch Explorer with the Network subtree closed, this does not occur. So now I am religious about collapsing the Network section, so that when I launch a new Explorer window it won’t feel the need to refresh and cause the tree view to scroll at an unexpected time.

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2 Responses to “Win 7 Explorer Folder Display Bug”

  1. xpclient Says:

    Install Classic Shell’s Explorer component. It fixes the folder jumping bug for Windows 7.

  2. ellery Says:

    Thank you. This does seem to have solved the problem.

    Actually, no, it did not make the jumping go away. It did improve how a folder’s subtree gets displayed when the folder is opened.

    I am beginning to suspect that the jump I experience is being caused by an update to the folder tree pane that makes it jump back to its original location. The update happens several seconds after I open the Explorer window. It gives me just enough time to navigate to a new folder, then it jumps back.

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