Which Cygwin package contains a file?


You never have all the tools you need.  For Cygwin, I used to hunt through the package list and guess which package had what I was looking for.  Well there is a better way.  And someone else has already written about it.

This link tells you how to determine which Cygwin package contains a file.

In case that site disappears, here’s how (pretend we are looking for the strings command):

  • There’s a web way:
  • and there’s a command line way (if you already have Cygwin installed):

        cygcheck -p strings.exe

…and the answer is… binutils!


2 Responses to “Which Cygwin package contains a file?”

  1. Chris Faylor Says:

    It’s amazing that this kind of thing needs a blog entry. The Cygwin web site has a
    toolbar. The toolbar has a link that says “Setup Package Search”.

    Why speculate on the way to do things when you can just go to an obvious web site
    and click on something?

  2. ellery Says:

    Thanks for pointing out that website feature. Here’s the direct link to it: http://cygwin.com/packages/

    It’s typical of Unix that there are multiple ways to accomplish a task. Also, command line methods are nice when you are trying to automate something.

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