Favorite iPhone word games: Word Warp

Word Warp on iPhoneWord Warp is another of my favorite iPhone word games. (I currently just have the free version, which shows ads between rounds.)  It is a simple word scramble where you attempt to form all the words you can from a set of 6 letters.

In each round you are presented with a sequence of letter tiles. You tap them to form words. If you can find the word that uses all 6 tiles, you advance to the next round.  If not, Game Over. Your score for each round is based on the number of words you create.

If you are just not seeing the word, you can hit the WARP button to resequence the tiles, which may or may not help.

The game is simple but addictive.  Some of the sounds are a bit annoying, so you might prefer playing it with the sound turned off.

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4 Responses to “Favorite iPhone word games: Word Warp”

  1. MMORPG Says:

    I already add it on my iphone and I play it during my vacant time if I don’t have work to do. These quite simple but addictive to play and I enjoy it.

  2. ellery Says:

    Sometimes I just go for the 6-letter word and see how many levels I can get through before I get stumped. It’s difficult to get a high score that way. I often can do a string of 5 to 10 before getting stuck. I don’t know whether I lose focus or whether they throw in a hard word periodically.

  3. Pansy Says:

    I am on level 613 of word warp. With 2 minute solve time.How many levels are there? I’m noticing a lot of repeats in levels.

  4. ellery Says:

    @Pansy: Where do you find the level number? I just see the current score and the high score at the top of the screen.

    I also have noticed some repeats, but not often enough so that I recognize them right a way.

    Also, I moved to playing Word Warp Extreme more than the original version. It has some other interesting modes, especially the Head-to-Head 2-player mode.

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