AC remote interpretation

My hotel room in Japan had a ceiling heat/AC unit with a remote control on the wall to operate it.  I got by until I had to switch it from heating to cooling one day.  So I asked for help from one of my Japanese colleagues, who interpreted the controls for me.  I didn’t get around to experimenting with them all, but I labeled the buttons.  The Up/Down, Left/Right, and Wide buttons control the baffles that aim the air.  The buttons in the green box at the lower left are some kind of timer that I didn’t mess with:  maybe associated with the Sleep Timer?  The one that solved my problems was the Change Mode button.

Japanese AC Remote with Labels

Sorry that I forgot to write down the name of the manufacturer of the unit.

Edit:  A helpful reader says the brand name is Daikin.

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  1. Amber Says:

    The brand is a Daikin, thanks! The pic helped me so much 😀

  2. ellery Says:

    @Amber: Thanks for adding the brand. I’m amazed that you even found this blog post.

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